How should I think about using versions and instances to manage my decision apps?

What are different ways I can use instances?

You can use versions in the same way that you do for other software development, e.g., v1 vs v2 as you show in your screenshot.

Instances reference a version (and you can change which version they reference). Instances are what you point to when running an application (they have a unique endpoint) and naming varies pretty widely from what we’ve seen. Here’s how we think about different ways of using instances:

  • Testing: You can manage a prod and staging instance so switching over the version running in prod is manageable through the UI via drop down or your PM or operator can test or explore themselves.
  • Specificity: You can manage different geos that need different versions of the app with instances (e.g., one labor law applies in PA but not NY) - PA and NY are separate endpoints that point to different versions.
  • Rollout: You can manage live testing and rollout of a new version through instances (switch over PA to v3 but leave your other regions alone)
  • Data: Instances are a great way to partition your data for analysis later (your output is autotagged with the instance)