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Department Summary:
The Integrated Systems Innovation Center at MITRE is currently seeking a Group Leader to support our diverse work in transportation modeling, simulation, and analytics while also guiding our team’s skills and expertise into new and exciting areas with a diverse sponsor base. Focused on solving problems for a safer world, the Performance and Economic Analysis department in the Innovation Center concentrates on quantitative analyses to inform and assess the impacts of changes to operations, policies, regulations, technology, infrastructure, supply and/or demand. Our deep technical expertise and breadth of perspective provide insights into the broader effects of these changes, and we apply those skills within and beyond transportation sectors.

Taking a multiperspective approach, our teams are experts in operations research, mathematics, data analytics, modeling and simulation, software development, statistics, and economics. Our multidisciplinary team bring applies experience from government, industry, and academia. We also partner with leading practitioners from universities around the world in developing world class and one-of-a-kind capabilities. Our work includes sponsorship from across government agencies, as well as a robust applied research program.

Candidate will work in a multidisciplinary environment with a collegial team. Expect a team environment, self-motivated and highly trained professionals, and professional training opportunities. This is an applied research environment where tasks are rarely routine and often require novel approaches. Best-in-class corporate benefits, state-of-the-art facilities, and a friendly collaborative atmosphere await.

Job Description:
Operations research, modeling, simulation, and analysis expertise needed. The Integrated Solutions Innovation Center’s Performance and Economic Analysis department has a Group Leader opening starting immediately. Interested candidates will have technical leadership and home management responsibilities for a group of 8 to 12 individuals with backgrounds and skills in modeling and simulation, computer science, mathematics, statistics, operations research, and other related disciplines. This opening provides an opportunity to lead and guide the direction of our Innovation Center’s modeling and analyses capabilities leveraging a multi-disciplinary team.

Key Functions: Group leaders are expected to be technical experts with an ability to guide and shape the work of our department staff throughout the planning, execution, and delivery process. In addition, our group leaders are expected to take an active leadership role in helping to define our department’s long-term strategy and in the creation of our signature capabilities. Perspective candidates will be expected to develop business relationships with new sponsors and open up new job opportunities. The prospective Group Leader will be leading a group with responsibilities for many different projects. Individuals in this group are experts in computer science, modeling and simulation, mathematics/statistics, operations research, data analytics, policy analysis, and aviation systems. The selected Group Leader will have technical leadership responsibilities as well as home management responsibilities over the group. Responsibilities also include performing technical reviews of products produced by the staff, providing guidance on how to improve these products, and periodically meeting with sponsors. Home management responsibilities include working closely with work leaders across the center and MITRE on performance assessments, goal setting, role definition, and development of staff members. Other responsibilities include individual technical contributor, department management and staff engagement, technical quality/execution/capability development, collaboration, and communications. The selected group leader will be expected to develop relationships across Innovation Centers (e.g., Modeling, Simulation, Experimentation & Analytics) and Program Divisions across MITRE. Helping to foster university and industry associations and an ability to leverage external skill sets is also an expectation. Defining and exploring work program opportunities and applying expert level of experience and knowledge of theories, practices, and procedures will be required. An ability to develop strategies and resolutions to complex problems with lasting impact, and an ability to lead functional teams and complex project across departments or sub-portfolios, as well as integrating multidisciplinary teams across varied business lines.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Typically requires a minimum of 10 years of related experience with a Bachelor’s degree; or 7 years and a Master’s degree; or a PhD with 4 years’ experience; or equivalent combination of related education and work experience* Candidates must have a strong desire to develop the technical, management, and business skills of individuals in their group and in the broader department. * They must be well organized and able to juggle multiple responsibilities. * Technically competent to peer review products produced by their staff and to provide technical guidance when needed. * They must possess a strong attention to detail. * Candidates must be able to work in a close-nit, highly collaborative, and multi-disciplinary environment.* The Group Leader needs an ability to have difficult and challenging conversations in a respectful and productive manner. * They must possess an ability to work across diverse organizations within and outside their own center. * They will be expected to foster a productive and satisfying work environment. * Ability and willingness to learn new technical and management domains are required. * Ability to learn about and discuss the diverse work areas their direct reports are working on. * Ability to communicate complex concepts to different audiences; from high-level descriptions to detailed explanations is also required. Prior demonstrated leadership and sponsor building experience.* Technical skill in operations research, modeling & simulation, computer science, big-data, analytics, or similar disciplines is required.* Requires FAA Suitability * This position requires a minimum of 50% hybrid on-site

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Candidates with existing analytical experience and/or a modeling background in, and a knowledge of, different modes of transportation (e.g., surface, rail, trucking, maritime, etc.) outside of aviation are highly preferred. * The Integrated Solutions Innovation Center also has extensive knowledge in the aviation industry; thus, aviation domain knowledge in addition to other modes is also desired. * Candidates with transportation industry and/or academic connections in transportation are desired. Candidates with experience applying standard transportation models such as TransCAD, TransModeler SUMO, CUBE and similar tools are preferred. Previous team leadership is strongly desired but not required.

This requisition requires the candidate to have a minimum of the following clearance(s):
Suitability - FAA

This requisition requires the hired candidate to have or obtain, within one year from the date of hire, the following clearance(s):
Suitability - FAA

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