How do I integrate map data from OSRM with my vehicle routing app?

If I’m building out a vehicle routing app and I want to use road map distance to choose the order of stops, what’s the best way to do that with Nextmv?

There are a variety of ways to handle on road routing costs (distance and time estimates for moving from A to B). At Nextmv, we make it easy to use any mapping provider by preloading the matrix of possible connections using our maxtrix measure. You simply query OSRM, Google, HERE, Nextbillion, Graphopper, etc and pass the results into the router engine to solve using those parameters.

Careful though! This can get very pricey! It’s common at scale to use a free mapping solution (eg check out our routingkit measure) and layer on a regression model to handle delays for time-of-day or day-of-week coefficients.
This is a great example of using data science modules as input to the decision optimization and they can get very close to paid provider estimates!