Out-of-the-box routing (from SaaS to completely customized)

Start with a low-code SaaS solution for standard routing problems and then build on that exact same model to customize constraints and value functions, implement version control in your dev pipeline, perform experiments like acceptance tests, and more.

Launch the Nextmv Routing app, a low-code entry point

The Nextmv Routing app is a SaaS solution for route optimization powered by our new routing engine. Getting started is free and speedy:

  1. Create an account
  2. Select the Nextmv Routing app and start a trial
  3. Add the Nextmv Routing app
  4. Make your first API call to run the app

We’ve removed this friction with a turnkey engine that exposes a suite of common constraints that are ready to use, off-the-shelf:

Go from SaaS to custom using the same model

While the Nextmv Routing app addresses many routing use cases, we make it possible to take your vehicle routing game up a notch. Using the same model that’s running behind the scenes powering our SaaS solution, you can create a completely custom model. Don’t change your data pipeline, don’t start from scratch.

Get all of the features mentioned above plus the ability to build custom constraints (e.g., package type to ensure that there’s a dedicated vehicle for packages from a specific vendor) and value functions (e.g., maximize fleet utilization) to pair with the out-of-the-box functionality already provided.

Test your apps using our built-in experimentation platform

When you create and deploy a custom app, you get the console experience (with run history as described above) plus access to experimentation. This allows you to conduct and analyze experiments on your custom apps so you can feel confident about how app updates will affect your KPIs.

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