Open source release: Nextplot (plotting and visualization tool)

Nextplot is now an open source CLI tool for visualizing routes, clusters, and more from arbitrary JSON formats. As open source tools become more integral to the OR community, we hope Nextplot is a valuable asset to anyone working on optimization projects.

If you’re using OR-Tools, VROOM, Nextroute, or any optimization tool that can produce a JSON output, you can plot your routes with Nextplot in just a few lines of code. Quickly create a visualization for your routing use case – and then customize it with the styling, animations, and metadata of your choice.

Here are a few of the reasons to use Nextplot:

  • Visualize routes on a map (Do the routes look like what we expected?)
  • Plot clusters, points, and more (Do these look like what we expected?)
  • Identify input errors (Are there outliers/locations outside of the relevant regions?)
  • Include the context of a point (JSON values) next to the point on the map (What’s the arrival time at this location?)
  • Improve solver development (How are solution values improving over time?)

Whether you’re plotting locations, routes, or solution values, Nextplot helps you make better decisions with the time you have.

Use maps with RoutingKit to see your routes on a real road map

Customize colors, line styling, and more

Add animations to see the flow of the routes

Include metadata to see details like arrival time and travel distance

Visualize clustered routes

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