Nextmv platform release: Build decision models faster

This release introduces Nextmv’s next-generation decision optimization platform. With a developer-friendly CLI and SDK, you can go from zero to running a pre-built decision model in 5 minutes or less. From there, it’s easy to develop and iterate on templates for routing, shift scheduling, knapsack, and Sudoku, or build and customize your own from the ground up.

Release highlights:

  • Get started in 5 minutes with a few commands to download, install, and configure, and explore the menu of options for your next move.
  • CLI-guided workflow focuses your efforts on being creative and consistent with your modeling rather than finding the pieces you need to get up and running.
  • Pre-built decision models for vehicle routing, shift scheduling, knapsack, and Sudoku serve as jumping off points for solving common optimization problems.
  • Flexible custom modeling lets you build new models using a state-based approach and a set of APIs for creating and customizing domain-specific models.

The best way to try out this latest release is by creating a Nextmv account and starting a free trial.

If you’re new to Nextmv, welcome, it’s great to have you here. If you’re a familiar face, we’re excited to have you try out the latest release. We look forward to your feedback.

Learn more in the announcement blog post: Build decision models faster with Nextmv CLI and SDK

Read more details in the release notes: Nextmv Platform public release · Nextmv Docs