Batch experiments, naming of runs, sample decision apps, and more

Our latest release roundup includes new testing functionality and app features in console.

Batch experiments: Batch experiments are tests that compare the output of one or more models using a consistent set of inputs. These experiments return the output metrics (including any custom metrics) and summary stats.

If you add a new constraint, will there be unintended side effects? Are metrics still trending in the right direction? Find (and share) the answers using batch experiments on the Nextmv platform.

Naming of runs: Give descriptive names to specific runs and provide instant context for anyone reviewing the run history of your decision app – whether that’s future you or another team member.

See the input of each run: Run details now include the input used for every run. After a run is performed, the input is accessible to view in the Nextmv console. Click into the run history of your app, choose the run you’re interested in reviewing, and then select “Input” at the top.

Filter, sort & search: The tables that display the run history of your app allow you to filter by terms, sort by dates, and search across any field.

Explore more functionality with sample apps: The Nextmv console is pre-populated with sample apps that are complete with runs to expand and experiments to analyze.

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