Changelog | May 2024 (CSV input, cloned runs, live-streamed logs)

In the last few weeks, we’ve released new functionality in the Nextmv console that makes it easier to get started. Here are a few highlights:

Upload an input file (including CSVs) directly from the console. You can now drag and drop JSON and CSV files (or any single UTF-8 file) into the upload area or by clicking the ‘Upload files’ button.

Clone a run for simpler reproducibility. You can now repeat any run (using the same input, instance, config options, and name and description) by clicking the dropdown arrow next to ‘New run’ and selecting ‘Clone run’. Update the instance or config options to see how model changes impact the run.

View live-streamed logs for increased observability. A new ‘Logs’ tab streams logs while the run is processing and displays the final log output when the run is completed for live insight into your app, including status.

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