Can I configure options per individual run?

I’d like to be able to update the configuration when performing a run. For example, I’d like to tune parameters such as duration, disable specific features, or configure custom options. Is that possible to do in the Nextmv console? If so, what’s the best way to set that up?

Yes, you can configure per-run options in Nextmv Console. Log in to Console, then navigate to your app and either click the Run app button on the details view, or click Runs in the sidebar nav and then Create new run button in the upper right.

This will take you to the create new run interface. The sidebar on the left contains the controls and input for the run. The area on the right will have a visualization of the input for the run if you are running with an app that supports visualizations (right now either routing or scheduling).

In the control area, you’ll see a dropdown to select an instance. First, select the instance you want to use for the run (this is required). Then expand the Instance details section beneath the select dropdown to see if that particular instance has any configuration specified.

Note: Any configuration values you specify for a single run will override the same configuration values set for the instance if the exist. Otherwise the configuration options will be merged along with the defaults set for the app. You can see the hierarchy of how configuration options are applied in the Configuration section of Instances in docs.

Next, if you open the Run configuration section you’ll see an interface to add as many configuration options as needed.

Once you’ve added the run configuration, paste your input and then click the Start run button next to the instance selection drop down. After the run has completed you’ll be redirected to the run details view where you can see the options that were applied for that run.

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