I’ve not worked a lot with Go. How proficient in Go do I need to be?

I’m new to Nextmv and have spent a little bit of time with Go. How much do I really need to know to get started/off the ground with Nextmv?

The short answer: you don’t need to know much Go at all to get started, grow, and succeed with Nextmv. In fact, many of our users are not Go developers. There are a few things to be aware of such as Go’s package structure and familiarity with working in an IDE, but that’s about it.

Our documentation is a great place to get started with robust examples and walkthroughs. As you dive deeper into our decision model templates, you’ll see more Go constructs appear and begin to get a good feel for the language. We’ve seen many folks (internally and externally) pick up what they need to know fairly easily.