Introducing Nextmv v1.0!

Our first major version has landed – merging tools for building, testing, deploying, and managing decision models into one platform. Ship more models, rapidly iterate and improve, and make greater operational impacts with Nextmv.

A lot has happened along the way – from connecting with key contributors in the operations research space at INFORMS to meeting with customers on their warehouse floor to see their supply chain in action. We’ve made performance improvements across the board, released solver integrations, built better observability and visibility into app performance, enabled quicker model iteration through testing capabilities, enabled team collaboration, introduced new language interfaces, launched an app marketplace, and much more.

We view DecisionOps as the DevOps or MLOps workflow for optimization – it outlines a process for building, deploying, testing, tuning, and managing decision models. Historically, operations research tooling has not kept pace with tooling designed for other disciplines like machine learning. The Nextmv platform changes that by bringing a repeatable process to life with tooling that supports each step.

Nextmv is a DecisionOps platform that accelerates how teams create decision applications by providing the infrastructure, testing, and collaboration tools that make working with decision optimization technology easier and more efficient.

Read the full post here: Nextmv 1.0: Accelerate decision model development with a DecisionOps platform

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