Java-support for the Nextmv OR-Tools integration

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a Java OR-Tools decision model, it’s easy to take the next steps to production.

Use the modeling tools and solvers that ship with OR-Tools including:

  • Linear programming (LP) – Glop solver (and others)
  • Mixed integer programming (MIP) – SCIP solver (and others)
  • Constraint programming (CP)
  • Vehicle routing problems (VRPs)

Head to the community apps repo to see the full example.

Create a dedicated endpoint for your Java OR-Tools model

Turn your decision model into a decision service with a few commands. As soon as you push your app to Nextmv cloud, your app has a unique API endpoint making it simple to integrate it into your existing systems.

How to get started with OR-Tools in Java

You can run your model locally by following the directions in the documentation. To deploy to the Nextmv platform, follow these steps:

  1. Create a free Nextmv account and start a free trial
  2. Download the Nextmv SDK
  3. Clone the ‘knapsack-java-ortools’ community app (which can be updated to handle other use cases)
  4. Deploy the app to Nextmv Cloud to run remotely

Learn more in the blog post: Java support for the Nextmv OR-Tools integration: Build, test, deploy decision models faster